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WABUNBO NIPPON, Japasese stationery
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Pen your blessings on exquisite Japanese Washi stationery or customise and gift it to that special someone!

Japanese people, love palm sized stuff. WABUNBO is the embodiment of "KAWAII" like that.

WABUNBO GIRL centers around this unforgettably attractive girl who will steal everyone’s heart!


  • Handwrite a message to convey your thoughts and emotions
  • For table decor
  • Frame and decorate your home
  • Include as a message card along with your gifts
  • Gift it for birthdays and other special occasions
  • Use as Japanese learning material

WABUNBO is an accordion-fold stationery that can be teared off along each crease. You can use each of the 60 sheets separately, or write over two or more sheets. At 25g, it is light enough to be sent easily by post and ideal for carrying around. Carry it with you, show it off to your friends, and hear them exclaim “KAWAII!” (So cute!).

5 matching mini envelopes are included. You can also fill these envelopes with a small token as a gift during special occasions or a tip in hotels.

WABUNBO and the matching envelopes come in an exquisite handmade box that can be repurposed as an accessory or pill case.

Designed by a Brazilian designer who loves the beauty of Japan.

WABUNBO Customization

■ Japanese Word(美人)

“美人”/bijin is written with a brush and ink on 10 of the 60 sheets. “美人” is one of the most beautiful words in Japanese, and it refers to a beautiful woman. Gift your loved ones with “美人”, and they will love you back even more after receiving this ultimate compliment.

■ Custom Japanese Word

We can write the Japanese Kanji word of your choice on your WABUNBO sheets. Just let us know your preferred word and number of sheets (10, 30, 60). You can personalize your WABUNBO in various ways, such as:

  • Write “感謝” on all 60 sheets
  • Write the name of your special someone in Japanese on 30 sheets
  • Write your child’s name in Japanese on 10 sheets
An English explanation of the written word will be enclosed. This is also suitable as Japanese and learning material.



  • Dimensions of box: 51×105mm / 2×4.1”
  • Dimensions of each sheet: 40×95mm / 1.6×3.7”
  • Material: Japanese Washi paper 60 sheets
  • 5 envelopes
  • Made in Japan