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Taiyaki : Palindrome Calligraphy in Frames

Taiyaki : Palindrome Calligraphy in Frames

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What’s Palindrome (KAIBUN)?

Palindrome is the phrase that reads the same backward as forward. Since the words go around, palindrome is a symbol of everlasting luck.

How to Use the Palindrome Calligraphy

Decorate the entrance of your home or office with it. It will uplift your fortune even more when it is placed in the water section such as kitchen or bathroom. According to Feng shui, the water section, where water is circulated, is said to be the place to “wash away” the bad spirits. The power of palindrome will wash away the impurities of your home or office. It also makes the perfect gift.

■Written Words

たいやき Taiyaki
やいた I made



I made taiyaki.





Taiyaki, a fish-shaped pancake, is a Japanese traditional and popular confectionery. Outside of the pancake is crisp, and it’s filled with sweet bean paste from head to tail. A hot, freshly made taiyaki will warm you up. Taiyaki’s humorous looks are loved by every Japanese men and women of all ages. The song “Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun (Swim! Taiyaki-kun!)” was a big hit in 1975. Every single Japanese over 50s knows this song. You can find the song online.

* This work is all handmade.


  • Price: 58 USD (frame included)
  • Artist: Chie Saito
  • Size: 210×297mm / 8.3×11.7”
  • Materials: drawing paper, Japanese ink, color pencil, marker pen, wooden frame