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“WA” of WABUNBO is written as “和” in kanji. “和” means peace, harmony and to soften. This is one of the most beautiful words in Japanese, and is also expressed in our old saying that goes, “和をもって尊しとなす (Harmony is the greatest of virtues.)” “BUNBO” means the stationery.

Now in the golden age of social media and AI, handwritten letters finally came back to be one of the most precious communication tools to connect us. Handwritten letters hold a distinctive warmth that typed letters do not have.

I would like to introduce the beauty and the charm of Japan to everyone in the world through our beautiful WASHI stationeries and Japanese letters. I also hope that you will try our Japanese learning materials and online handwriting courses to experience the joy of handwriting in Japanese.

Please enjoy a part of COOL JAPAN with WABUNBO.

Message from Kazuko, Founder

むらかみかずこ の写真

My love for writing letters finally made me a successful letter-writing coach in Japan. I teach individuals how to write a letter that suits the current times, cultivate teachers, give seminars at companies how to write a thank-you letter, and write serials in the newspapers and magazines on business letters. I have published more 24 books so far.

Why does it have to be a handwritten letter?

Come to think of it, it comes back to my past when I was having so much trouble speaking my mind. It was okay for me to have a casual conversation with my friends, but when I tried to express my thoughts and feelings deep down in my heart at once, I found myself shaking and only a trembling voice came out of my mouth. Stutter runs in my family.

It was very frustrating for me not to be able to speak my mind and convey my thoughts. That’s why I have devoted myself to writing to communicate. Speaking is difficult, but by writing, I can take my time to choose the appropriate words. When I learned the right phrases and how to write clearly, it gave me the self-confidence and strength. It also led to my polite attentiveness to care for others.

When I write a letter to convey my feelings, having a beautiful writing paper at hand would make me smile. I would be relieved and the joy would fill my heart.

Usually, when you buy gorgeous stationery, probably you intend to write something and send it to someone, decorate your home, or just gift it. Some companies are selling those stationery and writing materials, while others give writing lessons. WABUNBO offers both, the writing materials and the lessons.

I sincerely hope that you will feel the beauty of Japan and the charm of Japanese language, and have peaceful moments with WABUNBO.

Kazuko 和子