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Why Not Send an Encouraging Letter?

In the series of tropical days and sultry nights, even usually healthy person tends to feel unwell.  When you receive a handwritten letter while you are feeling weak, you are grateful and your heart warms up more than usual.  Short letter is fine.  Let’s send an encouraging letter along with the words caring health of the recipient.


An encouraging letter not only gets appreciated by the recipient but also is effective for yourself.  Writing positive words such as “Cheer up.” “I am here for you.” “I look forward to seeing you again.” lightens up your heart, too.


At that time, keep in mind to sprinkle positive words such as okay, smile, cheerful, bright, action, because sometimes it is hard even to look at negative words such as regret, reflect, anxious, worry, hard.


It will have an adverse effect on the recipient if you blame on the person or give advice, pretending to be a teacher.  Words written big and confidently will give youthful and lively impression.  In the end of summer, let’s send a letter along with the words longing for the cool autumn breeze, using a stationery with a pattern of dragonflies or moon viewing.



Even just a few words will heal the soul.

Even just a few words will heal the soul.