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Use Refreshing Blue Ink

Some people seem to refrain from handwriting because of their poor and quirky handwritings.  But I think it is a shame.  If you are on the receiving end, you are simply grateful for that person to take the time to sit and pen a letter for you, not for the shape of the handwriting.


Have you ever felt nostalgic to see the unchanged handwriting on a postcard from someone you know from a long time ago?  In a handwriting, there is a distinctive warmth of that person.  That warmth shortens the distance between each other’s hearts and instantly brings back the memories and conversations with that person back in those days.


By the way, you don’t need to write neatly when you write a letter.  Just aim to make your writing easy to read, not neatly.  For that purpose, refer to the following three points.


  1. Write in big letters
  2. Write thick letters
  3. Write with blue ink


Words written confidently with a thick pen and blue ink give a refreshing impression.  Black ink isn’t necessarily bad, but blue ink looks more lively and youthful to the eye.


Speaking of the color, there are many kinds of blues ranging from light blue to deep navy blue.  I feel that my letter is prone to stay on the recipient’s mind when I write with bright blue ink.


I usually choose chic navy blue ink for the elders whom I want to give refined impression to, and bright blue ink for my close friends.  I want to use cool turquoise blue ink in the summer, brown late in the fall and dainty violet in the spring.  It’s always fun to change your pen and ink depending on the season or your relationship to the recipient.