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Tips to Write Easily

If you have decided on what to write beforehand, you can write a letter easily whenever you feel up to it.  For example, you can decide to use a sentence “Thank you very much for the other day.” beforehand, and add something you remember the most of the conversation you had with that person before.  Or you can combine the usual sentences “How have you been after that?  I look forward to seeing you again.” and a little comment that cares that person’s health.


In that way, you don’t have to worry about deciding on what to write each time, and you are free from the stress of missing the right timing.


Now that the texts and social media are the main communication tools, receiving a handwritten letter itself is a wonderful surprise.  With a help of a handwriting’s warmth and communicative power, even just a few words are appreciated by the recipient.


Regarding the postcard especially, you might not want to include something very personal or specific work-related matters on it, assuming that a third person might read it during the process of the delivery.  Handwritten letter is to convey your feelings, so it is good manners to write the words to thank, care and greet.


I’m always stocking several kinds of postcards in a prominent place of my drawer so that I can start writing whenever I feel like it.  A friend of mine, who is making a habit of sending one postcard a day, carries several kinds of postcards with \52 stamps and a pen with her, writes on it quickly during her lunch break and drops it into a mail box.


Postcard isn’t a heavy thing so it can be carried around easily.  Just put it in a pocket of your purse or a in a clear file folder so that it won’t bent.