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Thoughts poured into a few lines

I’ve been fond of writing letters all the time since I was a child.  Come to think of it, I think I was writing those letters as a reaction to my tongue-tied personality.  Having a casual conversation with a friend was okay for me, but I was having such a hard time speaking my thoughts and feelings deep down into my heart.


In the meanwhile, by writing, I was able to take my time to choose the appropriate words that express my feelings.  Furthermore, the recipient would be grateful to me for sending a letter.


Since I left my previous job to start my own business about twenty years ago, I’ve been writing approximately a thousand letters each year.  You may be surprised how much I can write, but in my case, what I usually write is two to three lines per letter, or four to five lines the longest.


Now that the text and social media are the main tools for communication, simply being handwritten already has a value.  Just a simple thank-you note will be appreciated and you will have a special place for the recipient’s heart.  Let’s keep it casual and start writing!


Just be yourself when you write.

Just be yourself when you write.