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Suggestions for Your Own Fountain Pen

Some people seem to hesitate to handwrite, saying, “My handwriting is horrible.” “I’m not confident with my handwriting.”  But to begin with, don’t you think that people who are confident with their handwritings are only a few?


When you are on the receiving end, I think that a somewhat winsome handwriting or one that expresses the writer will warm your heart.  You are not necessarily impressed by the beauty of the handwriting.


A fountain pen is the very tool that can express yourself and your winsomeness.  The pen draws ink and deposits it on paper, so the blurred ink gives your writing a distinct texture and flavor.


There sure are very pricy fountain pens, but nowadays there are some reasonable ones which cost only around \1,000.


When you change your regular ball-point pen to a fountain pen, you will be proud and your desire for writing will be swelled.  There may be even time when you write a letter simply because you want to use your fountain pen.  Let’s find your favorite one.


These are my favorite fountain pens and inks.

These are my favorite fountain pens and inks.