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Points for a Letter of Apology

This time I will talk about the points when you write a letter of apology.

Some people might have negative image when it comes to a letter of apology, but apologizing itself is not necessarily a bad thing.  Apology is a sincere action which leads to the future.  A decent apology will give good impression to the other person, and the relationship between each other can be developed further in this opportunity.


Everyone happens to forget the things someone asked or makes a mistake.  If you think you are wrong, apologize as early as possible even for a small thing.  When you deal with it earlier, both you and the other person don’t have to dwell on it.


At that time, admit what happened honestly and apologize, and at the same time apologize for disturbing that person’s feelings.


“I am sorry for disturbing your feelings.”

“I reflect upon making yourself unpleasant.”

“It is very regretful that I couldn’t meet your expectations.”

“I don’t know how to express my apology even though you took such good care of me.”


These sentences are effective for appealing to the sentiments.


Furthermore, never write a long letter; it’s better to keep it short and concise.  If you explain the situation in a long sentences, it may sound overly defensive even though you don’t intend to.  It is also required to write about the future measures to restore the other person’s trust and your determination for not making the same mistake again.


A telephone call is better than an email, and a handwritten letter conveys your feelings more than a telephone call.  When you make a huge mistake, apologize sincerely, combining some methods such as sending a handwritten letter of apology after making a telephone call.