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Pleasure of Commemorative Stamps

When you are accustomed to using ippitsusen along with your gifts or documents and sending postcards, the next step is the stamps.  Let’s pay attention to the stamps for you are taking the trouble to pen a letter for somebody.


There are definitive stamps and commemorative stamps, and it costs \63 for a postcard and \84 for a sealed letter.  A commemorative stamp catches the recipient’s eye.  This little surprise attracts the recipient’s attention and brings your impression to a higher level.  I usually stock a hundred kinds of commemorative stamps that ranges from the seasonal flowers, famous landscapes in Japan, the world heritage series, Disney characters to ukiyoe series. Collecting stamps isn’t my hobby, but I simply enjoy choosing a stamp especially for the recipient, thinking, “Which one should I choose today?” “Which stamp suits that person?”


Especially I like to combine a few stamps.  Flower patterned stamps are usually in bright colors such as red or yellow, so it gives bright and brilliant impression.  Ukiyoe and Japanese castle series are for the elders.  You can choose the stamp of your hometown, or when you choose a stamp that’s related to the recipient’s hobby, it will be surprisingly appreciated. Just by choosing different stamps depending on the recipient, your image will be improved.


I recommend you use Japan Post’s online store where you can choose and purchase any commemorative stamps you like in the privacy of your own home or workplace.