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Let’s Start with Ippitsusen!

Ippitsusen attracts many people’s attention these days.  Ippitsusen is a small-sized, rectangular shaped stationery approx. 15cm x 8cm.  The writing space on ippitsusen is only 1/4 of the regular B5 stationery.  The designs range from simple ruled lines to a gorgeous seasonal pattern.  You will be surprised how wide the ippitsusen’s variations are at the stationery stores.


When you want to thank someone casually, give someone a gift, return something or send a document, use ippitsusen to handwrite your message.  You will feel the distance between your hearts is shortened.


Just imagine. You purchase something on the internet, and when it arrives you find a sheet of ippitsusen with an excellent touch along with the product. It reads;


“Dear Mr. /Ms. AAA

Thank you very much for your order.

We are grateful for having a business with you.


CCC, ltd.”


Don’t you feel warm somehow, and think this company is polite and reliable jut by reading these five lines?


Ippitsusen is easy to start for everybody, and it surely transmits your feelings.  This is the easiest communication tool to convey your heart.


Ippitsusen costs only \300 to \350 per book, and you don’t need to write any formal greetings on it.  No need to worry about having a lot of margin left.  Also, feel free to go across two, three and more pages while writing.  There are no rules for ippitsusen, which is one of the biggest fascinations of it.