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Handwriting Tips to Send Happiness

What brings to your mind when it comes to a handwritten letter?  “I was writing letters all the time when I was young but I hardly write recently.”, “I recall my correspondence with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”, and so on… Some might bring back the bittersweet memories of the youth in an instant through a letter.

Now that the texts and social media are the main tools for communication, the importance of handwriting is now being reevaluated.  Just because we seldom see the handwritten letters nowadays, the thought of you taking the time to sit and pen a letter will be returned with the recipient’s affection and trust for you.

You don’t have to send a long letter.  A long letter filled with lots of words can be taken too seriously sometimes.  A short note with refreshing words will not pressure the recipient to write you back.

Just two words “Thanks always.” are enough.  You will feel the distance between your hearts is shortened.


Even short words resonate to the heart.  Just relax and enjoy!

Even short words resonate to the heart.  Just relax and enjoy!