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Five Points to Enjoy Handwriting


In those days when phone calls and letters were the only means to communicate, we used to write many sheets of letters thinking about the person on the other end.


However, now that we can easily keep in touch with anyone far away by texts and social media, the letter changed its role from the means to communicate each other to the means to convey the feelings.

Texts are used to keep in touch with each other, while handwritten letters are used to convey the feelings such as “I’m sorry” or “Thank you”.  Especially young people seem to be good at enjoying to use such means for different purposes.

By the way, when writing a letter, many people seem to have questions or problems regarding the body of a letter, such as a nice opening sentence, salutation and witty words.  Here are five simple steps to follow to handwrite a letter;


  1. Choose a writing paper/stationery
  2. Choose a writing utensil
  3. Compose a body of a letter
  4. Handwrite a letter
  5. Choose a stamp


If you can’t come up with nice seasonal words, choose the paper that represents the season.  Just think of the recipient’s face or the little conversation you had with that person.  You might want to use a card with a picture of a dog if the recipient likes dogs.  Or you can choose a stationery with musical notes for someone who likes music.  Just by choosing a design of a stationery especially for that person, your feelings will be transmitted.

Coordinating a stationery and a stamp is always fun, and actually it is one of the real pleasures of letter-writing.

Do not hesitate to write worrying about a poor sentence or handwriting.  Your time to write a letter starts at the moment when you choose the stationery for the recipient.