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Blurred Ink Gives Your Writing a Flavor.

I have talked about this earlier in this serial, but many people seem to hesitate to handwrite because they are not confident in their handwritings.


But to begin with, I think people who are confident in their handwritings are only a few.  And if you are on the receiving end, you aren’t necessarily impressed by a neatly written character like the one in the calligraphy textbook.  For me personally, I feel it is “a nice handwriting” when I see the one which I somehow never be tired of looking at, or interestingly expresses the writer himself/herself.


You don’t have to try writing neatly.  Just imagine that person on the other end and write heartily, because your handwriting can not possibly give rude impression while you write imagining that person’s face.


And if you still aren’t confident in your handwriting, I recommend using a fountain pen.  Fountain pen is a very magical tool.  Just by changing your usual ball-point pen to a fountain pen, you can immerse yourself in a thought that your back is straightened and you are confident in yourself.


A fountain pen draws ink and deposits it on paper, so the blurred ink gives your unique handwriting a distinct texture and flavor.  There sure are very pricy fountain pens, but in recent years many reasonable ones are available which cost only around \1,000.


When you have your favorite pen at hand, your desire for writing will be swelled.  In reality, there may be even time when you write a letter simply because you want to use that pen.  And when you are outside or in front of somebody, you will be proud of yourself somehow just by having your favorite pen.


When you purchase a new pen, think about the occasion and purpose you want to use it for.  It’s the same as choosing a handbag for a woman.  It will be even more fun to use different pens for a daily use or a special occasion.