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Add Grace to Your Letter with the Stationery.

When you are getting used to handwriting easily, make a decorative accent to your letter by using your favorite stationery.


Let’s start with a sticker.  Some people might think stickers are for kids, but never make a light of them.  There are many kinds of stickers available, ranging from a seasonal one, a swollen one to the one you can cut out wherever you like.  These novel designs are fun and they cheer up my mind just by looking at them.


You may want to make a seal, taking one kanji (Chinese character) from your name such as(happiness), (love), (fortune), (good luck), (sincerity).  Just by stamping a seal at the side of your handwriting, your impression stands out.  A seal with a shape of a mailbox or a word seal like “Thanks” are very convenient and they can be used to anyone.


Further on, a vermillion ink pad is used to stamp a seal.  This vermillion color is a color of the sun.  Vermillion color has a meaning of lighting up the surroundings.  Tradition has that a good fate will return to you for the vermillion ink material (mercury) evaporates and returns to earth just like water.  That means, when you add vermillion to your letter, you will be able to call in happiness not to mention sending happiness to the recipients.


You can cut out a complicated pattern by using a die cutting paper punch.  In a spring a few years ago, a little piece of pink paper shaped in a cherry flower petal fell out as I opened the envelope.  I was mesmerized by her attentiveness especially for it was the cherry blossom season.


Using these little techniques with the stationery will make you enjoy writing, and your letter will be much more appreciated at the same time.