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A Small Scheme on a Stamp

It’s no exaggeration to say that the first impression of your letter is destined by a stamp.  A unique stamp catches the recipient’s eye.  This little surprise attracts attention and brings your impression to a higher level.


Sometimes we see “subsequent payment of postage” sign on an envelope, but this is very tasteless and decreases the excitement on receiving the letter.  Now that we hardly receive a letter, let’s pay attention to a stamp and make the recipient enjoy your letter more.


I usually have several hundreds of stamps on hand.  I wouldn’t say collecting stamps is my hobby, but when I have various kinds of stamps, I can enjoy choosing a stamp especially for the recipient, thinking, “Which one should I choose today?” “Which stamp suits that person?”


I also like to combine a couple of stamps such as \80 stamp and \2 stamp, \52 and \30, or old \62 and \20.  Let’s give it a try.


Use a special folder for stamps for convenience.

Use a special folder for stamps for convenience.